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Live Music Returns to Highland Perthshire

LISTEN: Richard Drummond explains why now is the time to bring back music – Photo Credit: 42 North

Following a difficult year in lockdown and subsequent restrictions, McKays hotel, bar and restaurant in Pitlochry are excitedly planning to return their legendary live music nights this week and welcome back patrons.

Before the pandemic, McKays was known for their ‘Och Aye McKays’ live music shows every Thursday night featuring Scottish musicians.

Director at McKays Hotel & Restaurant, Richard Drummond said:

“I’m delighted to say that we’ve got live music starting again on Friday the 13th of August.

“Scotland is getting back to some form of normality now and one of the big things that has been missing from everybody’s agenda is live music.

“We used to have live music four nights a week, pre-pandemic.

“It was a big part of McKay’s scene.

“It’s just so good to get live music back on the calendar so we’re launching it.

“We thought it was a good idea to re-launch it with our steak night which is pretty famous around here.

“We’ve obviously got a limited number of seats, but bookings are coming in which is great.

“The take up on it already has been fantastic with the amount of bookings we’ve had already.

The past year has been difficult for all industries and the hospitality industry was hit especially hard.

Richard spoke of the effect the pandemic had on the staff members at McKays:

“You can’t see me, but I’ve got a few wrinkles….I’ve been nearly forty years in the industry and a few things that my career in this wonderful industry has thrown up a lot of problems but I can honestly say the pandemic has tested I think not just myself but the whole industry to challenges I never ever thought I’d see in my career.

“When the doors closed last March, I had staff in tears. We really didn’t know what was happening.

“We look forward to get more and more back to the normality we were enjoying previously and I’m sure next year the challenges will be there and one of the toughest challenges for rural locations like the Highlands of Scotland has been staffing, is deliveries, supples – all those things we took for granted.

“But we get on with it and getting back and having live music back on this Friday is another stepping stone to enjoying the business that we love.

“Come along, its great to see live music.

“Live music will be a part of McKays going forward every Friday night.”

You can find more information on the live music nights at McKay’s by visiting: https://www.mckayshotel.co.uk/live-music

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