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Local Councillors Endorse Shopping Local Leading up to Christmas

Photo: Highland ward Councillor John Duff in Aberfeldy

LISTEN: John Duff explains why it’s so important to shop locally this year and how to help out

Amid the uncertainty posed by the pandemic this year, Highland Councillor, John Duff is asking that Highland Perthshire residents shop locally, especially near the festive season, this year.

He’s asking that rather than shop online, look to gift cards, cafe’s and restaurants in their communities before spending their pennies and pounds.

Mr Duff said: “When you get around to thinking about this year’s Christmas presents, don’t shop on Amazon. Buy a gift voucher from a local shop, restaurant, attraction or service and support the businesses here at the heart of our local communities.

“They need our support to help them get through these difficult times.”

This week, Phil Prentice, the Cheif Officer of Scotland’s Towns Partnership, empahsised how spending locally has such a ‘significant’ impact on communities.

He explained: “Every pound spent locally flips six times in the area’s economy, so the knock-on effect is significant. Thinking local first protects jobs, helps the environment and helps make our communities better places to live.

He says that every pound spent into the local economy flips six times, as he puts it: “The dairy farmer who’s repurposed his business to support domestic delivery has taken on two delivery drivers. That’s new employment.

“The delivery driver brings the milk and butter and eggs down to the local grocers, who’s able to maintain the young guy who helps out. He gets paid and he takes it down to the local hair dresser to get a hair cut.

“He then meets the hairdresser later for a coffee across the other side of the street and then they go to the local pub later.

“That pound has flipped around the local economy six times, the pound that you spend on Amazon disappears into the ether.”

Mr Duff says ‘there are lots of options out there’ which Mr Prentice agrees is ‘the easiest way to help the local economy.’

In explaining how people can do this Mr Duff continued: “By shopping and eating out locally and visiting local attractions we can support our local businesses and save local jobs.

“It is absolutely vital to the survival of local businesses that we all support them wherever possible. There have been some great innovations by local businesses
during these last few months and many are still operating under restrictions which make trading difficult for them.”

LISTEN: Peter Barrett gives his view on why Highland Perthshire residents should shop locally

The Liberal Democrat group leader in Perth and Kinross, Peter Barrett, joins the Councillors across Highland Perthshire calling on the public to support their communities.

He says ‘if we all pledge to shop locally then we can all benefit’ by supporting our economy and help save the planet by saving miles.

Mr Barret said: “I’m backing the shop local campaign because local businesses and independent shops and cafes are what keep our city and town centre tick.

“Every penny and pound we spend locally keeps the local economy going and helps sustain local jobs and create wealth in our communities.”

The SNP’s Councillor Andrew Parrott also endorsed the campaign saying: “I would certainly encourage Perth and Kinross residents to shop locally whether that means shopping in Aberfeldy or Pitlochry, or in Perth City or in any of our other smaller towns and communities to support our local retail businesses.”

His message was that people need to go further than just buying from their local shops, but to be sure they’re buying local produce too.

He explained: “I would go further than that though and encourage local businesses to stock locally grown or manufactured products and encourage local residents to purchase our locally grown and manufactured products. The more we shop local for local products the more that benefits the local economy.

“In addition shopping locally for local products where possible helps to reduce the traffic associated with distribution, reduces the emissions associated with that traffic and contributes to the improvement of our air quality and the environment.”

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