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Local History Group Documents the Pandemic

LISTEN: Ian Walker shares what the history project are getting up to

A local history group is preserving the memory of Pitlochry throughout the pandemic by archiving memories from the lockdown.

The Pitlochry COVID History Project is looking for donations of poems, diaries, paintings and more to record the pandemic for generations to come.

Ian Walker, who’s heading up the project, and the team are looking for stories, anecdotes, personal feelings, poems, drawings, pictures, posters, diary pages and more.

He said: “Bits and pieces are coming in, we’ve had lots of information from somebody who’s shielding, we’ve had pictures and anecdotes from the school, lovely pictures from primary one.

“And other bits and pieces are coming in very slowly as people are beginning to think ‘oh, right, there is a history, let’s try and get some things together to hand over.”

Using zoom, email and all the other ways people have learned to keep in touch whilst we’ve been apart, the team are documenting and archiving all of these soon to be artefacts of another time.

All of these donations are making a valuable contribution to the project, with a range of people taking part.

Mr Walker added: “I think, in actual fact, some of the drawings from kids have just been great.

“A couple of thought provoking poems from somebody too.”

Anyone who has anything to share can join in and make their contribution to the project.

Mr Walker explained: “What they can do is either put information in an envelope and put it through the letterbox in the Atholl Centre. And if they want to sing that over to the Moulin Kirk Trust, there’s a forum they can fill in.

“Or they can send something via email, that’s how I’ve received a couple of poems. So email or just handing information in would just be great.”

Anyone looking to get in touch over on email can contact: admin@athollcentre.org.uk

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