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Local Singer, Eden Barrie, pairs up with Welsh artist, Matt Evans, to form ‘Phrases’

LISTEN: Eden Barrie & Matt Evans share why music is how they choose to express themselves

From a cupboard under the stairs at her home in Pitlochry, musician Eden Barrie has spent lockdown recording soulful jazz pop with band mate Matt Evans and their band Phrases now proudly announces their debut single ‘Sidelines’.

Eden and Matt met at a music camp in Bristol and began ‘testing the waters’ with their song writing and quickly found a natural dynamic in producing music together.

Singer, Eden Barrie said:

“I suppose we had a similar style and vibe we wanted to go for. We just started to write some music.

“We were living in different places at that point and then I moved down to Bristol and so we started to write a bit more and we were asked to gig somewhere.

“We have just continued to gig and write music since then, so it’s been about two years to get to the point where we are now releasing our first single.”

The funk/jazz blend of Phrases can be likened to artists like Tom Misch and Rex Orange County and Sidelines will be a welcome addition to the playlists of the Tik Tok generation and their parents alike.

The message of hope and seizing the day that inspired the writing of ‘Sidelines’ is a feeling everyone can relate to following a difficult year and the band are keen to encourage listeners to seize the day and follow their own dreams – despite any barricades life throws at you.

Eden and Matt have successfully overcome the obstacles of COVID 19, lockdown and distance to create their music.

Matt added:

“I think it’s a message that we like to carry forward ourselves in our day-to-day life – not being too cautious about anything, not procrastinating at all and just really taking chances and going for it in life. I think it’s just a great message going forward. Just don’t be afraid to take risks.

“It’s been a massive challenge you know we haven’t been able to meet up if we wanted to even at some point, and we’ve also been quite fortunate that we’ve had recording equipment in our homes

“I’ve been able to produce the tracks from my bedroom and funnily enough most of the recording of the vocals has been done in a small cupboard under stairs (“a very small – HOT – cupboard!” Eden chipped in). We really had to make do we what we’ve what we’ve been able to get our hands on really.”

Eden added:

“I think that, in a way we really had to learn how to do everything ourselves. And that’s been good because we’ve had all this control and really being able to develop the sound we really want. I think we’re a bit extra proud of this because it’s been such a long slog to get to the point that we are now”

Eden and Matt will be re-united once again for the upcoming academic year when they will both attend university in Glasgow and hopefully get out once again to play gigs and increase their ever-expanding fanbase.

For now, Phrases proudly announces the release of their debut single Sidelines.

You can follow Phrases at:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/phrasesuk

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7oQ2oCCJ36OgxqkBVi6tQn?si=mqUwg405RICE6M3JGUGZzA

Tik Tok & Instagram: PhrasesUK

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