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Locals Invited to Have their Say on the PH8 Community Action Plan Survey

LISTEN: Sophie Cade explains how local people can have their say in shaping the community’s future – Photo Credit: PXfuel

After launching the PH8 community survey, the PH8 Community Action Plan is inviting locals to Birnam Arts to discuss the results from everyone having their say.

They’ll be hosting a drop-in session from 10 am through to 4 pm with different sessions discussing different topics broken up throughout the day on Saturday October 2.

The topics planned for Saturday’s discussion include traffic, parking and active travel, housing, connectivity and access to services, environment and a greener future, culture, community facilities and activities and the local economy.

Sophie Cade, PH8 Community Group co-chair, explained: “So, the first one is going to be traffic parking and active travel. That’s kicking off at 10 15. That’s certainly one of the most frequently mentioned issues in the surveys and the consultation we’ve done so far. Probably not a surprise really it certainly comes up a lot around here in the community often as a concern.

“But I think also is the opportunities, the things that we can be doing to improve that. So, the discussion is going to be looking at again, what actions we can take going forward to try and improve things in terms of traffic parking and after travel in the villages.”

Below is a list of the topics being covered during the day as follows:

Traffic, Parking and Active Travel 10.15 – 11.00

2. Housing 11.10 – 11.55

3. Connectivity and Access to Services 12.05 – 12.50

4. Environment and a Greener Future 13.00 – 13.45

5. Culture, Community Facilities and Activities 13.55 – 14.40

6. Local Economy 14.50 – 15.35

Sophie Cade added: “And then we’re going to finish off with culture, community facilities and activities in the afternoon at 1:55. So that’s really about how we can look after our community facilities and the assets that we’ve got here. So things like the different, the community halls, making sure we’ve got access to different activities and community groups and access to information about all of those things.”

Children are also welcome, the PH8 CAP have invited Louise Watson from the from Dunkeld and Birnam play group to give adults the space to discuss their thoughts.

Sophie Cade said: “So the event will run from ten until four at Birnam Arts on the Saturday, and it’d be great if families could bring the children along too. There’s going to be some kids activities available on the day. So, we’ve got the wonderful Louise Watson from Dunkeld and Birnam play group. She’s a bit of a children’s celebrity around here.

“So, she’s going to be there with a children’s corner with some little craft activities and some toys for the younger ones. And also, we’ve got some opportunities for the children to giving their ideas as well. So, there’ll be some postcards from the future that they can complete and tell us what they’d like Dunkeld Birnam and PH8 area to be like in the future.”

More information about the PH8 Community Group can be found on their Facebook and Instagram page: @ph8communitymatters

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