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Location Sharing App Saving Lives – What3Words

Police Scotland are now using an innovative new app which divides the world map into grids made up of three-by-three metres.

What3words is the app responsible for saving the lives of people all across the UK by quickly and easily giving away a person in need’s location.

Superintendent Iain MacLelland, Digitally Enabled Policing Programme, said: “What3words will help front line police officers and staff to locate members of the public quickly when they are calling from an unknown or rural area.

“The introduction of what3words is a great additional resource for our communities and our officers who serve them.”

The grids works by assigning each grid with a unique set of three words, labelling specific areas with an easily identified name.

Mr MacLelland added: “It’s also important to highlight that, when Covid-19 restrictions begin to ease, we know that people may want to venture further from home, to remote or rural locations. What3words does not change the requirement to ensure that you are properly prepared if heading to the hills, always have a map and compass and ensure that you have your route planned out in advance.”

A spokes person for Police Scotland said: “This means that when someone contacts Police Scotland, they have the option to use what3words if they are in an unfamiliar area, rural location or one that is difficult to describe. However, Police Scotland service advisors will always ask for a postal address as default when someone calls 999/101 – this will not change.

“The app is already in use by the majority of emergency services across the UK, including Scottish Fire and Rescue and Scottish Ambulance Service.”

Locals can also use this app to inform police where dirty campers and COVID-19 breachers are without sending officers on wild goose chases.

And the app can also be used by other services such as couriers making a delivery or just people trying to meet up in the great outdoors.

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