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Loch of the Lowes Osprey Raise Another Pair of Chicks

LISTEN: Sara Rasmussen explains how the osprey are getting on this year Photo Credit: Tina Nord

The Scottish Wildlife Trust are following the lives of two osprey nest by the loch of the Lowes in Dunkeld.

They’re keeping track of them with a webcam which anyone can see on their website.

The team are calling the mother bird NC0 and the father LM12 and together they’re now raising two chicks in the nest.

Sara Rasmussen, the Perthshire ranger for the trust, said: “So we’ve got this fantastic webcam that runs live. Folks can follow it by going to the Scottish wildlife trust’s website, and it gives us a wonderful insight into the daily goings on of Osprey life over the breeding season.

“And particularly over the last year where people maybe haven’t been able to get out in a boat quite as much as they’d like to. It’s a fantastic way to connect with nature and just chill out really. Let all our worries kind of pass us by and watch the goings on of the ospreys on the nest.”

Sadly, one of their three chicks passed away in the past few weeks, however, the remaining two are growing steadily under the wings of their parents.

Sara Rasmussen added: “They’ve had a really good season so far. Ups and downs as there often is, last season they had some complications, they actually abandoned this nest very close to laying. So we were delighted to see them take back on the regular nest site next to the loch that we can observe from the height.

“And they’ve managed to leave lay three eggs, hatch three eggs, but unfortunately that terrible wet weather that we had that sustained period of over a week meant that the third chick unfortunately perished, it was just, wasn’t getting enough food with it, with the wet weather.

“However, the other two are growing really well, they look like small dinosaurs, and it won’t be long before they’re testing their wings out. We can expect them to fledge maybe in another four- or five-weeks’ time. And before we know it, there’ll be off in migration by the end of August.”

The family can be caught up on with through the live cam on: https://scottishwildlifetrust.org.uk/things-to-do/watch-wildlife-online/loch-of-the-lowes-webcam/

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