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Luncarty Lockdown up for Nomination

LISTEN: Graham Huggins reacts to the news Heartland Multimedia’s Luncarty Lockdown by Bob Davidson has been shortlisted Arts & Creative Radio of the year.

Heartland Multimedia’s own Luncarty Lockdown show is now shortlisted for the 2020 Community Radio Awards.

This year more than 460 nominations were submitted across 90 different stations across the country in the up for grabs categories.

Our chairman, Graham Huggins, said: “I don’t wish to sound arrogant, but I’m not totally surprised that we’ve been put forward because I think we’ve assembled an incredibly talented team here, over the last 18 months.”

Looking to Luncarty Lockdown presenter, Bob Davidson, Mr Huggins thinks for Mr Davidson ‘this is an opportunity for him to show how good he is.’

Mr Huggins explained: “I find it very rewarding that Bob has been instrumental in helping us be promoted and be nominated in this way.

“I think one of the things that I’m most pleased about is that this has shown that we’ve got talented people in this area, and given the opportunity, they can actually create pleasure for a lot of people.”

The show invites listeners into Mr Davidson’s shed where he hunkers down from the dangers of the outside world in the cosy company of all his shelter has to offer.

“Day one, Tuesday the seventeen of March 2020, well I must say, it’s great to be back in the shed again. I’ve done it before I can do it again.” Introduces the first edition of the programme from Mr Davidson.

“I’ve never seen the old shed looking so full, food mostly, and then my new camping stove, it’s one of those flat ones that self-ignites when you turn the gas full on.

“I’ve got fifty gas canisters, fifty kilos of muesli in twenty-five kilo bags from Green City and a twenty-five-kilo bag of oatmeal.

“I’m obviously worried about the banana situation. I’ve got three dozen, going from yellow, ready to eat, to bright green, not ready to eat for ages.

“This will keep me going with bananas for thirty-six days, having one a day, or seventy-two days if I immediately adopt a half banana a day regime.

“Seventy-two days is 10 weeks, and that may be long enough, but I’m not sure at this stage.”

Now his programme is shortlisted for Arts & Creative Radio of the Year sponsored by the Audio Content Fund.

Mr Davidsons show starts with the story of his own experience of lockdown, which is funny to consider we might have made it out of this after 10 weeks back then.

But who was to say then, and now, how long we might carry on the lockdown.

Throughout the programme he gives his thoughts and comical take on the events as they unfolded outside his shed and into the wider world.

After 11 editions of the Mr Davidson’s diary, the shows now reached its conclusion now.

Reflecting back on this unprecedented year, the awards chair Martin Steers said: “This year has been a challenge for the sector, with studio lockdowns, loss of income and cancelled events.

However, community radio stations have responded by stepping up engagement with their local communities, with more programming and innovative presenters across the country broadcasting from home.

“We are excited to announce that this year’s awards have more entries than ever before.

“The quality of the entries continues to grow, and the judges are always blown away by the output, engagement, entertainment, and social gain that the sector produces.

“It is clear to see from this, that passionate presenters, volunteers, and staff are really there for their audiences. These local radio stations are truly at the heart of their communities.”

Streaming on YouTube and Facebook, December 12 will mark the day of the virtual ceremony which starts at 7 pm.

The online conversation will be held on the hashtag, #CRAs2020.

Earlier editions of the show can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/heartlandfm/luncarty-lockdown-week-11?in=heartlandfm/sets/luncarty-lockdown

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