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Macdonald Brothers Butchers Offers Free Soup Kits to Help Encourage People into the Highstreet

LISTEN: Rory MacDonald explains how the free soup kits work

A Pitlochry butcher has joined forces with the Pitlochry and Moulin Community Council Coronavirus Support Group to provide complimentary soup packs to locals.

Rory MacDonald from Macdonald Brothers Butcher in Pitlochry was contacted by the PMCC to create a goodie bag which includes the recipe and ingredients to make a healthy and delicious meal.

Explaining how the kits work Rory said:  “We provide the packs free of charge to anybody who wants them, and they’re collected from the shop in Pitlochry.

“It’s not a case of means testing, it’s a case of come along, have a wee chat and pick up your soup.

“It’s something to do with maybe some younger children in the house.

“It doesn’t matter what age group either, come along and pick it up some wholesome good food as a gesture for the community from the community.”

Photo Credit: Pitlochry Community Support Group

The idea came about with the help of the Pitlochry and Community Support Group who want to help encourage people out into the high street again, while helping kids learn life skills and provide a healthy option for the community.

Judith Dingwall who helped organise the effort said: “The Support Group are keen to support the WHOLE community as much as possible – businesses and residents alike – and so we see the Soup Bag initiative as another way to bring people together helping each other. Local businesses have done a power of good for us all by staying open when allowed and supplying us with our needs as much as possible.

“We have communicated with Rory at Macdonald Bros throughout and are really pleased that we have found a way to work together and continue spreading the positive effects that lockdown has had on our lives, demonstrating the unity in our community. This pot of soup is heartwarming in many ways!”

Photo Credit: Pitlochry Community Support Group

Mrs Dingwall helps put some of the repcies together with the help of the council then Rory puts together the ingredients using local stock.

He added: “The recipes change every few days, but we started with a lentil soup and then it’s a butter bean one this week.

“The COVID committee provides some of the ingredients and then we top it up with any of the veg required and then facilitate collection from the shop.

“It encourages people out of their house who for a spell have been a bit reticent to come out, a bit nervous about going shopping.

“Feedback has been pretty good. People have enjoyed them and they’re really very grateful for the gesture as well.

“There’s no need to pay for anything, no need to have contact with anybody – the soup packs are in a basket in the front of the shop.

“There’s no need to pre-order. Just pop into the shop in Pitlochry.

To collect your soup pack, visit MacDonald Brothers Butchers at 6-8 Bonnethill Road, Pitlochry. They are open 7am – 5pm Monday to Saturday.

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