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Majority of Highland Perthshire Supports Single-Use Plastic Charge

Zero Waste Scotland CEO Iain Gulland

A survey’s findings says that almost three quarters of people in Highland Perthshire support an extra ‘carrier bag’ cost on single use plastics.

Commissioned by Zero Waste Scotland, the You Gov poll found that 72% of people in Perth and Kinross and Mid Scotland ‘would support introducing charges, similar to the carrier bag charge, to cut down their use.’

Andrew Pankhurst, a spokesperson for Zero Waste Scotland, said: “I guess we wanted to see how people felt about that.

“And what’s been surprising is people that we spoke to supported going as far as introducing a charge on some single use items like we have done with carrier bags to cut down their use.”

Of the people who support this move, 92% say they think this is a good idea because the charge could help reduce litter and another 79% of people want this to happen to protect biodiversity.

Iain Gulland, Zero Waste Scotland chief executive, said: “It is clear from these results that people are worried about the impact single-use plastic items have on our environment.

“These items can last for decades and the damage they can cause to wildlife is shocking.”

A single use plastic is only meant to be used once, which Andrew Pankhurst said the EU is looking into to stop.

Mr Pankhurst described single use plastics as: “A single use plastic is any item which is designed to be used just once.

“So as an example, that might be a plastic straw, or a plastic drink stirrer, plastic plates and cutlery, all these things are included in the single use plastic directive which is what the Scottish Government is consulting on at the moment.

“Which is a kind of EU wide directive that would just see these items removed from sale, so you couldn’t buy them, or you couldn’t even pick them up for free anymore.”

Barry Fisher, CEO of Keep Scotland Beautiful, added: “Single-use plastic items are extremely damaging to our environment, blighting our landscapes as litter, polluting our rivers and seas, and contributing to higher greenhouse gas emissions.

“Our Upstream Battle campaign has shown that plastic, much of it single-use, makes up almost half of all litter in rivers and streams in the Clyde Valley, which ultimately ends up in our seas.

“So, we are very pleased to see the Scottish Government consulting on banning a range of single-use plastic items – we wholeheartedly support the proposals in the consultation paper.”

To have your views heard by the government, have your say by following this link: https://consult.gov.scot/zero-waste-delivery/introducing-market-restrictions-on-single-use-plas/

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