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March into Pitlochry Marches into Homes Online

WATCH: Marion MacDonald and Dougie Gouland explain March into Pitlochry 2021

This year’s March into Pitlochry is going online after cancelling because of the pandemic in the past year.

The stream is going live from 8pm over on the March into Pitlochry Facebook, YouTube pages and their own website.

One organiser, Dougie Gouland, said: “Really, we’re all likeminded individuals who really wanted to show Pitlochry off, we’re all live music lovers, and we decided it would be an excellent place just to have a wee festival.

“It started off with Marion and Steven and Bruce Patterson and the whole idea was to put on a whole weekend and a good festival and have a good old bash over the weekend.

“And since then it’s really progressed and we had four great years, building slowly each year, and then last year was all set to be a real record breaker.”

Despite not being able to meet in person, the team are planning to stream the entire extravaganza online and into people’s homes.

Just like the year before, they’ve set up an impressive line up of local performers and names within the Scottish performing scene mixed in with some highlights from the last festival.

Fellow organiser, Marion MacDonald explained: “It was proabbaly a couple of months ago we started thinking about it.

“I was sitting one-night rewatching a lot of live music online, I watch the Dunwells as often as I can because they live stream every night since the beginning of the lockdown.

“And I was thinking we could probably put something together, so we spoke to Martin McLeod from Martin McLeod films and got in touch with some of the bands past and present.

“And Martin said yes, ‘I can put something together’, and we decided to go for it.”

With performers such as the Dunwells, Logans Close, the Carloways and many more in the line-up, promise to fill the Saturday night with a top class show.

They’ll be keeping up the cheer between now and when the world can go back to enjoying music in each other’s company.

Looking to the future, the pandemic could change things up for the festival from how we know it today.

Mr Gouland added: “We’ve talked about it briefly, like everybody else we’re trying to plan for all eventualities, it’s very difficult to plan anything right now with any certainty.

“We’re thinking maybe we’ll have March into Pitlochry next year, we’ll maybe not have it in March.

“So we’re thinking perhaps we might have March into Pitlochry in June, simply because of the pandemic, over cold months we’re thinking it might be more appropriate to have it in early June.

“But we don’t know that fore sure, but it’s definitely going ahead next year.”

Anyone looking to join in on the fun can find out more on: https://www.marchintopitlochry.co.uk/

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