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March Into Pitlochry Returns with Free Preview

LISTEN: Martin MacLeod explains what’s coming up for March into Pitlochry

March into Pitlochry (MIP) is bringing back live music to Highland Perthshire, starting with a free preview session next Saturday (November 20).

They’ve be hosting a number of leading acts at the McKay’s Hotel to drum up excitement for the return of the festival after last year’s lockdown.

Martin MacLeod, (MIP) committee member, explained: “Yes, it’s great that we can announce that we have our upcoming March into Pitlochry launch night, a preview tester event. And it’s coming up at the Saturday, the 20th of November at nine PM at McKay’s Hotel. It’s a free entry event to promote the festival.

“We have two acts for you that evening. We have Roseanne Reed, who’s a wonderful singer songwriter, and actually one of the 2019 Sunday Times’ top releases. And so we’re delighted that Roseanne will be with us and she’ll be supporting a band called Logan’s close, who appeared at the festival a couple of years ago.

“And both of those acts, will be at the proper March into Pitlochry event, which will be coming up in May next year.”

The main festival next year also bolsters on acts from the preview night with a range of genres over the course of several nights.

Martin added: “The weekend of March, the 20th, 21st is our event for the main March into Pitlochry festival. And as with other years, it’s a bit of a three-part event begins on the Friday evening in the town hall. We have our own six, six bands that evening, and we’ll be announcing the full line-up in the coming weeks.

“But the headliner for the Friday night event, there’s a band called Jess and the bandits who are a part UK, part US like country-rock band. So, we’re delighted that they’re going to be with us on Friday.

“And the Saturday afternoon is a kind of connoisseur’s event. That’s our acoustic session, which takes place in McKay’s Hotel. That’s been really popular in the last few festivals.

“And, and again, a number of acts to be announced that the headliner for that event, as the wonderful James Grant, who is Scottish singer writer, the former lead man with love and money for those you remember back in there, back in the eighties, nineties period.”

More information on March into Pitlochry can be found on: https://www.marchintopitlochry.co.uk/

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