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Measures Being Adopted to Stop Idling Engines

Car dependency reaches 15-year high despite drop in commuting

New measures are being put in place to stop motorists from leaving their engines idling and polluting the environment. 

Vehicle idling is an offence against road traffic regulations and more than half of all Scottish councils are adopting measures encouraging drivers to switch their engines off. 

Perth & Kinross Council is following the ‘four Es’ approach – engage, explain, encourage and enforce – when reminding drivers they need to switch off their engines. 

Clr Angus Forbes said: “Formally adopting an anti-idling policy is not about penalising drivers – we don’t expect to have to issue many fixed penalty notices, if any. 

“Instead it’s about encouraging drivers to take the smallest of steps to help the environment.”

Idling vehicles produce 20 times more pollution than if they were travelling at 32 miles per hour. 

If motorists refuse to switch off their engines then they could receive a £20 fixed penalty notice. 

Transport contributes to over half of all carbon dioxide emissions across Perth & Kinross which can contribute to health issues such as asthma and reduced lung capacity. 

In 2018, Health Protection Scotland estimated approximately 1700 premature deaths in Scotland annually can be attributed to air pollution. 

Clr Forbes added: “As switching off and restarting an engine uses less fuel, it also makes financial sense for drivers.”

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