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Meeting to Discuss Ballyoukan Forest Timber Extraction Route

Wood Logs Bole Firewood  - artellliii72 / Pixabay

On Wednesday 13th of July at 2pm in the Atholl Centre, the Pitlochry and Moulin Community Council will be holding a special meeting with only one topic on the agenda. The meeting will discuss the proposed routes trucks will take when extracting timber from the managed Ballyoukan Forest site.

Scottish Forestry who are the regulators of the site and Scottish Woodlands who represent six of the seven owners of the Ballyoukan Forest site, have been invited to the meeting but are unable to attend, but will be meeting with the Community Council on the 26th of July.

There are several proposed routes under consideration for extracting the timber from the forest and a pdf containing the information on the routes can be found on the Pitlochry and Moulin Community Council Website.

Around 120,000 tonnes of timber are expected to be extracted from the site over the next ten years. The existing route used to access Ballyoukan from the public roads, is unsuitable for the lorries that would be used to move the timber and does not meet many of the recommendations for timber haulage.

The proposed route in the pdf requires access across land owned by Atholl estates and would see the bridge at Edradour Burn replaced and some improvement on existing tracks carried out with the lorries exiting directly on to the A924.

You can find details of all the proposed routes by visiting the Pitlochry and Moulin Community Council’s Website and viewing the pdf.

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