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Meeting to Discuss Proposed Timber Haulage Route Across Moulin Moor

Pitlochry and Moulin Community Council will be holding a meeting in the Atholl Centre, tomorrow Tuesday 31st of May at 2pm, to discuss the proposed timber haulage route from Ballyoukan Forest over Moulin Moor to join the A924.

The meeting will be attended by Neil McFarlane from Forest and Land Scotland, who are the organisation making the decision on the application proposed by Scottish Woodlands.

The proposal is for lorries extracting timber from Ballyoukan Forest via a new road across Moulin Moor and via Kinnaird to the A924.

You can read more about the proposal at https://www.scottishwoodlands.co.uk/media/2723/0-ballyoukan-track-upgrade-works-etc-project-description.pdf

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