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Menopause Café to be Held in Perth Next Week as Part of World Menopause Month

Today, Tuesday 18th of October is World Menopause Day, which aims to raise awareness and support options to improve health and well-being for women in med-life and beyond and is one day in the wide Menopause Awareness Month.

As part of Menopause Awareness Month, a free pop-up café event will be held in Perth next week, on Tuesday 25th of October at the Blend Coffee Lounge on the Old High Street from 6:30pm until 8pm, by the Menopause Café Charity.

Chair of the charity Rachel Weiss explains why it’s so important to talk about menopause: “I think its important to be able to talk about it if we want to. We’re not saying everyone has to talk about menopause but you have to be able to talk about to access help and support.

“So you need to be able to talk about your menopause if you want to discuss it with your partner, or your friends or you colleges if it’s affecting you at work or home, and it probably is affecting you at work or home, and very importantly you have to be able to talk about menopause with your GP and many people have never said the word menopause before, or talked about anything related to their periods.

“So they need practice and a menopause café is a good opportunity to have a practice at talking about it.”

The event is open to all ages and genders and is a discussion where people can share their stories, tips and experiences and ask any questions they may have. There is no speaker and no agenda and the public are invited to drink tea, east cake and talk menopause.

The Menopause Café charity was founded in 2017 in Perth with 30 people turning up and talking at the first café event. Since then they have held events in Edinburgh, Pertersfield, Hampshire and Sheffield and have continued to grow with Cafés held every month up and down the UK.

To book your free place at the event next week visit https://www.tickettailor.com/events/menopausecafe/

You can find more information about the work done by Menopause Café and all their upcoming events by heading to https://www.menopausecafe.net/

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