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Modern Apprenticeships for Highland Perthshire

LISTEN: Sarah Jane Urquhart explains what people in Highland Perthshire can get out of a modern apprenticeship – Photo Credit: Andrea Piacquadio

Modern apprenticeships give people the opportunity to learn skills which will open doors into the workplace while studying.

This week the Perthshire Chamber of Commerce is hosting a talk online in conjunction with the Perth College UHI to explain how people across the area can learn a new skill through hands on work and study.

Sarah Jane Urquhart, national training programme manager at Perth College UHI, explained: “There’s about eighty different frameworks from sector skills, councils and hundreds of different qualifications.

“I would say for the Highland Perthshire area we have a lot of hospitality, health and social care, hairdressing, construction and automotive.

“We also can fall into the agriculture, aquaculture and trees and timber sectors. They would be delivered by Inverness college, but we could still fit them into the Perthshire area.”

School leavers can take on an apprenticeship to learn new skills in an industry which they’re interested in pursuing for a career and working people can use them as a chance to upskill.

Sarah Jane Urquhart added: “Apprenticeships are available to everybody, you don’t need to have just left school to start and apprenticeship. You can be in a job and want to upskill.

“The whole idea of apprenticeships is to gain industry qualifications and it’s a combination of an SVQ, some core skills and some industry qualifications that build up a modern apprentice.

“So it’s available to anybody, you must be employed, you must be on terms and conditions of employment and be treated as a regular member of staff.”

Apprenticeships are also a two-way street which benefits people in the workforce looking to skill up and also businesses looking for another set of hands, to pass on skills and build up their team.

Sarah Jane Urquhart added: “We would love the employers to contact us directly at the college. And we can come and have a conversation with them about what is their role and responsibilities and what the young person or the upskilling of a member of staff would need to do. And we would talk them through the whole process.”

This week the Perthshire Chamber are hosting their talk on apprenticeships with the college online, more information can be found on: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/flexible-workforce-development-fund-for-smes-modern-apprenticeships-tickets-221397304297?aff=odeimcmailchimp&mc_cid=5cfb8747e6

Anyone looking to find out more can get in touch with: Sarah-jane.urquhart.perth@uhi.ac.uk

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