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Motorcyclist Breaks 120 MPH on Highland Perthshire Roads during Safety Weekend

A motorcyclist on the A94 has been caught hitting 120mph through a 60mph stretch of road near Scone Airport.

Police caught the 36-year-old man on Sunday evening during Police Scotland’s motorcycle safety campaign weekend.

Inspector Greg Burns of Tayside’s Roads Policing Unit said: “It’s disappointing that, on a weekend where the vast majority of motorcyclists we have met have been riding safely and responsibly, idiocy like this takes place.

“One minor misjudgement – a pothole, an encounter with wildlife running on the road – and the results of speeding like this can be catastrophic. Riding and driving at ridiculous speeds gives decent motorists a bad name, and will not be tolerated.”

Despite making up only one per cent of road users, motorcyclist’s make up for around 13% of fatalities on the road according to Police Scotland.

The motorcycle safety campaign aims to raise awareness of this danger and advise riders to be more cautious on the open road.

Head of Road Policing, Chief Superintendent Louise Blakelock said: “Road safety is everyone’s responsibility and I would ask motorcyclists to ensure they have suitable safety equipment and urge all riders to not only travel within the posted speed limits but also at the appropriate speed for the road conditions and their capabilities.

“This campaign allows officers to engage not only with motorcyclists but other road users, giving us the opportunity to provide advice and education and to share our experience on how we can all make our roads safer.

“Road Policing Officers will continue to patrol roads across Scotland, and any offences will be dealt with appropriately.”

Police are now reminding commuters, hobbyists and enthusiast alike that they should make sure they are fit to ride before setting off on a motorbike.

They are also reminding riders to take care around bends, especially left-hand corners, and junctions.

Overtaking is particularly dangerous for motorcyclist’s which is why Police are also suggesting ‘if in doubt – hold back.’

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