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Mountaineering Scotland Holds Writing Competition with £200 Cash Prize

LISTEN: Neil Reid explains how people can share their love for the outdoors in Mountaineering Scotland’s writing competition

Mountaineering Scotland is inviting adventurers to write about the hills and the mountains as part of a competition to win an award and to be featured in their magazine.

Entries may be prose or poetry, fact or fiction. They can be about a fondly remembered walk or an imagined vertical adventure and can be about the mountains themselves or those who climb among them.

Neil Reid, from Mountaineering Scotland said: “Basically it’s just a mountain writing competition as the title says, lots of people who go into mountains, or who used to go out into the mountains, have a great depth of feeling for them, and very often want to put that into words.

“So, we’re just offering them a chance to tell that. Whether it’s prose or poetry, you can enter our competition. And there in with a chance of winning up to 200 pounds and seeing the writing published in our member’s magazine.”

During lockdown, more than 100 people entered last year as chance to express their longing feelings for the outdoors.

Mr Reid added: “The prose entry should be a maximum of 2000 words and poetry entries should be a maximum of 200. That’s generally enough to get a good concept over. Certainly, if there were much more than that we’d struggled to publish them.

“If people keep to those limits and they can get those entries in by the 5th of November this year, we’ll be announcing the winners in our February magazine. The winners themselves will be contacted just before that and probably in January.”

First prize in both prose and poetry sections is £200. Second and third prize winners in each section will receive £100 and £50 respectively. Winning entries are also published on the Mountaineering Scotland website.

Full details on how to enter can be found on: https://www.mountaineering.scot/members/members-benefits/scottish-mountaineer-magazine/mountain-writing-competition/terms-and-conditions

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