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MSP Says Perth and Kinross Council are ‘Ridiculous’ for ‘Pushing Ahead’ With Cross Tay Link Road

The Cross Tay Link Road (CTLR)

LISTEN: MSP Mark Ruskell lays out his concerns facing the development of the The Cross Tay Link Road

Green Mid Scotland and Fife MSP, Mark Ruskell, says it’s ‘ridiculous’ that the council are continuing to go ahead with the Cross Tay Link Road amid his concerns on the local community and environment.

His concerns rise before the council are set to review their capital expenses a week on Wednessday, the project is set to cost £118 million.

Mr Ruskell said: “I think it’s ridiculous Perth and Kinross council are still pushing ahead with this project, which will take away £118 million pounds away from a whole range of solutions to ensure that we’re better connected to our towns and cities but also to ensure we reduce the congestion and the pollution that this road will create.”

However, MSP Grant Laing, who leads the SNP in Perth and Kinross, says: “Within the group, I have had no feeling from the members of the group, and certainly not myself, that we would in anyway wish to pause the Cross Tay Road Link.

Mr Laing added that a re profiling of the finances are currently in discussions among SNP members.

Perth and Kinross council’s leader, Murray Lyle, took a different view saying that the project will divert ‘traffic away from the most congested and polluted parts of the city centre.’

Councillor Murray Lyle said: “The Cross Tay Link Road is critical to the future of Perth and Kinross – economically and environmentally.  Without the CTLR we will not be able to deliver our Local Development Plan and the land required to build thousands of new homes.

“Likewise it will open up employment land creating many new jobs as well as those recruited and trained during construction, something that is even more important as we recover from the Coronavirus pandemic.  

“The crossing will lead to £966 million of private sector investment in housing and employment and its construction will generate £484 million of additional value to the economy.

“None of this can be achieved without the creation of this new transport infrastructure.  In fact, every pound spent on the capital cost of the CTLR will, it is estimated, generate £4.30 in revenue.

“My administration believes the crossing is fundamental to Perth’s continued prosperity in the years and decades ahead. We will be making every effort to secure approval of the council at the capital budget meeting next week.”

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