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National Litter and Flytipping Consultation

Motorcycle Abandoned Waste Litter  - TheOtherKev / Pixabay

As litter and flytipping continue to be a growing issue in communities across the country, the Scottish Government is seeking people’s views on the aims, objectives and actions proposed in the National Litter and flytipping Strategy for Scotland. 

The plans set out a vision for the future where environments are no longer ruined by improper waste disposal.

Manager for litter and fly tipping at Zero Waste Scotland Kim Young said: “It’s a way to gather as many views and opinions as possible on the proposed direction and actions of a new strategy for Scotland.

“Once it closes, we will draft a strategy and hope to publish that in the first half of this year.”

The proposed strategy aims to educate people so that both individuals and organisations have greater awareness of the problems caused by improper waste disposal and the impact it can have on the environment.

The Government also wants to commit to ensuring that Scotland’s services and infrastructure are fit to make it easy for people to act responsibly.

Moreover, they want to develop a strong and consistent enforcement model across the country which promotes proper behaviour and stops people from littering.

Ms Young added: “The strategy wants to bring together all those who are affected by this whether that’s landowners or organisations.

“This can be done through having better data to understand the issues that are taking place. Proper interventions can then be put in place based on the evidence that we have.

“We want to encourage everyone to work together to deal with this.”

Anyone who wishes to take part in the consultation and give their own views on the plans should visit https://www.gov.scot/publications/national-litter-flytipping-consultation/

The final date to get involved is 31st March.

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