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New Book Tells Tales of Perthshire’s Dark Past

Local author Mark Bridgeman has released a new book looking at true stories of revenge and retribution for the dark past of Highland Perthshire and the rest of the county. The book explores happenings in Aberfeldy, Ballinluig, Pitlochry, down to Crieff, Perth and across to Blairgowrie, to name a few, with the most recent story being set in the 1970’s and others going back hundreds of years.

A lot of research and time when in to putting together the stories which eventually made the book with many left out. Mr Bridgeman explains how he went about finding out all about these stories, saying: “lots of them come from old books. So, I research and read a lot of old books about Perthshire and about crime in general. I’ve been in contact with the National records of Scotland and the national museums trying to find details of old cases.

“I spend a lot of time looking at old court records and old trial papers, trying to find old cases that would make for an interesting story and also very old newspapers as well, old newspaper records, and then of course also speaking to people with knowledge in certain areas.

“But I spent a lot of time either delving through old newspapers or wandering through old graveyards.”

Perthshire’s Pound of Flesh is a sequel of sorts to Mark’s first book The River Runs Read which focuses on true tales of murder, mystery and deception in Highland Perthshire, with the Nearly Man being an biography of a conman covered in the River Runs Red.

Perthshire’s Pound of Flesh is out now, with the Nearly Man released next week. More information can be found at https://www.markbridgemanauthor.co.uk/

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