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New Car Park up for Discussion During Tonight’s Grandtully Community Council

LISTEN: Graham Huggins shares what’s up in tonight’s community council

Tonight, the Mid Atholl, Strathtay and Grandtully community council are meeting to discuss a range of topics, including car parking and speed restrictions.

After a year spent when people were not allowed abroad and making the most of their local communities, Grandtully experienced a much larger influx of tourists during the lax lockdown period and now they’re looking to improve their infrastructure.

Community Council Chair, Graham Huggins, said: “The main topic area at the moment is a major development in Grandtully with a car park operation that’s going to be extended and made a much better facility and driven by the canoe association, which actually owns the plot. And it’s going to be quite a sizable development. I think we’re talking about 400,000 pounds.”

The plans to develop the car park come after the canoe association’s existing car park filled up when enthusiasts were planning to go out.

Mr Huggins explained: “So we’ve got a lot of tourists in the summer. It does get really, really crowded. And so there has been a need for car parking.

“Now, the canoe association who had a car park or an area that they own with a carpark in it, and they have allowed the public to use it up until recently, but now it’s become so popular that they did it for themselves.

“But they had quite a long stretch of land behind it. And so, there’s a major development going to take place where they’re going to allow the public to use the front half of it all. And they’ll concentrate on the back half.”

As well as parking cars, the community council want to find the best speed for moving cars.

In some places they’ve found the speed restrictions limiting and are concerned about fast speeds on unrealistic turns.

Mr Huggins added: “We really think that the speed controls at the moment are too high for our area. And I think we’re slowly winning the battle and the council are coming round to the idea, not just our council, but all the local councils where the normal speed is 40 and the slow speed is 20 and 50 or 60 is coming into being way too dangerous. So that’s an issue that we’re dealing with and making sure that everybody is comfortable with what’s going on.”

Information on how to join tonight can be found on: https://www.heartland.scot/community/community-councils/mid-atholl-strathtay-and-grandtully-community-council-minutes-25-05-2021/

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