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New Website and Survey Launched to Tackle Online Scams

Millions more households targeted by scams as cost of living crisis bites

Get Safe Online and CIFAS, a fraud prevention service in the UK, have launched a new website which will allow people to check if a website they are using is fraudulent.

The website is called Check a Website and allows users to input the website address into a search box and see information such as whether the website contains malware, filtered content and if it  has been reported for phishing as well as other information about the website’s safety.

Check a Website will also say if the website is believed to be legitimate or not and give you the option to report the website as scam or fraud.

Alongside the release of the website, people across the country are being asked to take a few minutes to complete The Big Scottish Scam Survey 2022. The survey takes just minutes to complete and asks questions about whether you been targeted by a scam in the last year, what kind of scam it was and if you reported it.

The intention of the survey is to find out which scams are the most common in Scotland and inform the content of a month-long campaign aimed at raising awareness of scams linked to the cost-of-living crisis.

The latest Scam Share bulletin on the Trading Standards Scotland website contains further information on the most common scams recently reported in Scotland, such as the Cost of Living Payment Scams and the HMRC VAT Refund scams.

The bulletin also contains information about ongoing scams such as the “Hello Mum/Dad” WhatsApp scam and PayPal scams and advice on what to do if you get scammed, such as who you should contact and how to avoid getting scammed.

You can find out how to recive the bulletin at https://www.tsscot.co.uk/bulletin/.

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