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Next Phase of the 2022 Scottish Census Launched

The next phase of the 2022 Scottish Census has got underway with week, with the launch of the Census Coverage Survey (CCS).

The CCS which is the second largest social research exercise in Scotland, after the census, will collect data from around 1.5% of the household in Scotland, to help provide an accurate estimate of Scotland’s Population.

Speaking about the launch of the CCS, Paul Lowe, Registrar General for Scotland and Chief Executive, National Records of Scotland said: “The Census Coverage Survey is a key part of the census programme and ensures a comprehensive and accurate picture of return rates across the country has been recorded.

“Even if you have completed the census, you may still be asked to take part in the coverage survey. By doing so, you are supporting the census to deliver its many benefits for service planning in Scotland. Please participate if asked to take part.”

The survey will be conducted door-to-door with all staff carrying identification, which can be checked with a free telephone helpline on 0800 0334010.

The CCS staff will ask a small number of questions, that can be provided on the doorstep, by completing a paper copy or over the helpline. They will never ask questions about financial information or ask for money.

The CCS is a standard feature of modern census operations and will run over several weeks. This will be the third time it has taken place in Scotland following the 2001 and 2011 censuses with similar surveys have been used in the rest of the UK.

Along with other administrative data, the CCS enables statisticians to estimate for the nature and volume of missing census returns, and deliver the statistical dataset used to deliver strong outputs.

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