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NHS Tayside Assured to Vaccinate all over 80’s by End of the Month

Photo Credit: Artem Podrez

NHS Tayside has now vaccinated 30,000 people in the local health board area and is inviting the over 80’s to get their vaccination when the injection is stock.

GP’s are getting in contact with patients who are eligible to book appointments when they suit them, this means patients do not need to contact their GP to arrange an appointment.

Associate Director of Public Health Dr Daniel Chandler said: “There has been a monumental effort from our vaccination teams to so far deliver 28,000 vaccinations to over 80s, care home staff and residents and frontline health and social care staff in this very short period time. 

“This means that NHS Tayside is on track to offer vaccination to all in these priority groups by the end of January.”

It should be noted that his comment comes from January 19, whereas the 30,000 vaccinations statistic is as of January 20.

With the success of the widespread vaccinations so far, the health board are looking to move to the next priority group next month.

Dr Chandler added: “Our vaccination teams have put in a huge amount of work and planning to get to this stage and are also working hard to plan for the next stages of the programme. 

“This will see all those aged over 65 and those classed as clinically extremely vulnerable invited for vaccination in stages throughout February.”

Dr Andrew Buist, a GP in Blairgowrie, says in a British Medical Associations blog that, ‘the start to this year has been deeply concerning for those of us working in health.’

He raised the concern that the availability of vaccine for GP’s in Scotland has been limiting the roll out of vaccinations across the country.

Dr Buist wrote in his blog: “Supplies of the AstraZeneca vaccine is the current rate limiting step in the vaccination programme delivery locally. 

“We must and will do everything possible to accelerate the delivery process where we can, and I know the Scottish Government are working incredibly hard on this but for now, we need to be patient.”

A spokesperson for NHS Tayside explained that they are confident they will have enough supplies to vaccinate all of Tayside’s over 80’s by the end of the month.

The spokesperson said: “Our vaccination teams have so far delivered over 30,000 vaccinations to people who are over 80, care home staff and residents and frontline health and social care staff.

“The supply of vaccinations to GPs is contingent on the pace at which we receive vaccinations from the national supply. However, we are assured that we will receive sufficient vaccinations to enable all over 80s in Tayside to be vaccinated by the end of the month.

“As soon as the vaccine supply is confirmed to a GP practice, they will contact each patient who is over 80 to make arrangements for them to receive the vaccine.” 

Dr Buist ended his blog saying: “I am so incredibly grateful that the primary care workforce is once again stepping up to the plate, playing a vital role in these ambitious vaccination programme plans.”

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