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NHS Tayside Invites the Next Priority Group for the Vaccination

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NHS Tayside is moving onto the next priority group in their vaccination programme after they vaccinate more than a third of adults in Tayside.

Now the Tayside teams are vaccinating 16-64-year olds who have ‘underlying health conditions and adult unpaid carers’.

Dr Daniel Chandler, Associate Director of Public Health with NHS Tayside, said, “We are making excellent progress with the programme and it’s really encouraging to see such high numbers of people coming forward for vaccination. 

“However, there is still some way to go in overcoming COVID-19, and vaccination is only one of a number of tools for suppressing spread of the virus as much as possible.

“Everyone in Tayside has made a great effort to drive down the infection rates, and we need everyone to keep sticking to the FACTS guidance and lockdown rules to ensure that cases continue to fall as we work our way through the vaccination programme.”

People with underlying health conditions who will be contacted for vaccination include those with diabetes, dementia, severe asthma or COPD, certain cancers, or liver or kidney disease.

As well as people who have had an organ transplant, a stroke, have a learning disability, a BMI of more than 40, or are severely mentally ill.

And adults who provide unpaid face-to-face care for someone else due to a disability, ill-health, frailty or addiction issues.

Dr Daniel Chandler added: “We have now moved on to priority group 6 which is one of the largest groups of people on the JCVI priority list, with people as young as 16 and many with underlying conditions which may not be obvious to others.

“It may take several weeks to get through the whole cohort so we are asking people in this group to please be patient and not worry if they are not contacted straight away or if they hear of others being contacted before them.

“Our booking teams are making thousands of calls every day to arrange appointments in GP practices and community clinics across Tayside.  This is no small task, especially as we move into this larger cohort and so we are asking that people do not call with enquiries about getting the vaccine unless they are in any of the previous groups e.g. over 65 or shielding.”

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