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NHS Tayside is Encouraging Anyone who Can to Get their Booster

NHS Tayside say they’re seeing a rise in the Omicron variant and now they’re reminding locals that they can still get their vaccine after testing positive if they wait some days.

Anyone who has tested positive for COVID can wait 28 days then they can get their booster jab if they’re edible.

Director of Public Health Dr Emma Fletcher said, “We know that many people have recently had COVID-19 and therefore haven’t been able to get their boosters, or one of their first two doses of the vaccine.   

“We want to reassure anyone in this situation that it’s not too late and we will continue to run clinics over the coming weeks to ensure everyone can get their vaccines as soon as possible. 

“If you are over 18 and recently had COVID you can come for your vaccination after 28 days from your positive test.  This means that most people who had COVID before and during the festive season can now get vaccinated. 

“Those aged 12 to 17 who have recently tested positive should wait 12 weeks after their test to get the vaccine.  However, if you’re aged 12 to 17 and at increased risk, you can have your vaccine after four weeks.

“It’s really important that people are fully vaccinated to ensure maximum protection against the virus, including new variants, even if they have had COVID-19 before. So if you are now eligible please come along to one of our drop-in clinics, for your first, second or booster jab, or book your appointment now.”

You can find out more on: http://www.vaccinationtayside.scot.nhs.uk/

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