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NHS Tayside Offers Advice for Young People During Lockdown

NHS Tayside is offering advice for young people across Highland Perthshire who are learning remotely, isolated and feeling the pressure for the pandemic.

As part of this, they are encouraging young people to actively take part in their own well being with some advice on how to look after themselves.

Diane Caldwell, Clinical Care Group Manager for NHS Tayside’s Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) said: “Coronavirus is affecting all our lives and things keep changing all the time which can be really hard to deal with.  

“Lots of change and uncertainty can feel really stressful but it is important for young people to realise they are not alone in feeling this way.

 “Using positive coping strategies can help you deal with these feelings and help to improve your mental wellbeing.”

They gave a list of things they think will help young people who are maybe having a difficult time between the strain of school and the pandemic. They said:

There are some tips that young people can follow to help improve their wellbeing during the pandemic:

Look after yourself – It’s okay to feel however you feel. Be kind and caring to yourself, your feelings are real and valid. Visit YoungMinds charity for advice and guidance on where you can get support for your mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sleep – A good night’s sleep is really important for your mental health. Get into a good sleep routine. You can view the CAMHS guide to sleep on the CAMHS website

Exercise – Exercise doesn’t mean running a marathon, it just means doing something active to increase your heart rate and get your body moving. Get out Get Active (GOGA) Dundee have some great free online classes to try at www.facebook.com/gogatayside/

Talk to people – Talk to someone you trust and tell them how you are feeling. Let them know what you need and what would help you feel better.

Get support if and when you need it – We all need support sometimes. Support is available locally through your GP, your school, school nurse and online resources.

Alongside their advice, they also suggested some helpful resources who can offer further support for young people having difficulties.

Support services for young people:

·       Cool2Talk – This is a confidential place offering a 1-2-1 counselling service for young people aged between 12 and 26 to freely ask questions about things that are affecting them. Visit https://cool2talk.org/

·       Childline on 0800 1111or visit www.childline.org.uk/

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