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NHS Tayside Releases Mental Health Strategy ‘Living Life Well’

After a year spent on developing the programme, NHS Tayside is releasing ‘Living Life Well’.

Their new approach aims to strengthen the mental health provision across Tayside by linking partners together.

Mental Health Minister Claire Haughey said, “I welcome the publication of the Tayside Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy, Living Life Well, and I am pleased to see it has been endorsed by those with lived experience, service managers and others in the community.

“The implementation of the strategy is an important step in Tayside’s improvement journey for mental health supports and services. The next significant step will be the outcome of Dr David Strang’s review of Tayside’s progress, expected to begin in April this year.”

The investigation that went into writing the report totalled the Tayside population at 417,470, they considered that 1 in 4 adults likely to have a mental health problem in their lifetime, and estimate that around 87,465 people will experience challenges to their mental health in their lifetime across Tayside.

To help improve the access to care for people experiencing difficulties, the programme wants to connect local organisations, public health services and partners all together.

This includes local mental health services within communities, who will be working alongside NHS Tayside, with support from partners like the police.

Police Scotland Divisional Commander Chief Superintendent Andrew Todd said, “On behalf of Tayside Division, I welcome the progress that has been made to strengthen mental health and learning disability services in the region, and am pleased to support the launch of this important strategy.

“Police Scotland will continue to work alongside other key partners to support the delivery, and we remain committed to playing our part in supporting the needs of the people we serve in our communities.”

To achieve this, all of these organisations will be using tools such as Microsoft Teams to keep in touch and discuss the direction of mental health policy in Tayside.

Their aim is to tackle health inequalities, suicide prevention and ensure that mental health services are accessible without stigma.

Perth & Kinross Council Interim Chief Executive Barbara Renton said, “Approximately one in four people will suffer from a mental health problem at some point in their lives and we are committed to supporting the Living Life Well strategy in Perth and Kinross.

“Mental health and wellbeing services are a critical part of healthcare and will be more important than ever as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.”

Anyone looking to find out more about the report, can go to: https://www.nhstayside.scot.nhs.uk/OurServicesA-Z/MentalHealthandLearningDisabilityServices/PROD_342608/index.htm

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