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One Week Left to Register to Vote

This is the final week for Scots to register to vote in this year’s council election where local people will decide who will run the Perth and Kinross Council for the next four years.

Monday the 18th of April is the deadline for people in Highland Perthshire and the rest of Scotland to register their vote.

Andy O’Neill, Head of the Electoral Commission in Scotland said: “You can only take part in these elections if you are registered to vote, and the deadline is fast approaching. It’s quick and easy – it takes just five minutes online.

“If you have recently turned 16 or moved home, it is particularly important that you make sure you are correctly registered to vote.

“If in doubt, you can check your registration status with the Electoral Registration Officer on 01835 825100.”

Anyone over the age of 14 can register to vote in Scotland, however, they must have an address within Perth and Kinross to cast their vote in the upcoming council election.

To register, local people must be a British citizen living in Scotland, an Irish citizen living in Scotland or a foreign national of another country living in Scotland who has leave to enter or stay in the UK, or who does not need leave.

Anyone who has changed their name, address or nationality must register to vote again.

Local people who are registered to vote can vote in person or there is also the option to use a postal vote.

Postal voting is becoming a more commonplace method of voting, since the pandemic, more people are choosing to have their say remotely.

Sandy Taylor, Head of Electoral Statistics said: “In December 2021, nearly a million people in Scotland, around 23% of the electorate, were registered to vote by post. 

“This 38% increase in postal voters over the last year is most likely driven by the COVID pandemic.

“Councils across Scotland rely on census data to make decisions on essential services.”

Anyone registering to vote can choose to do so online or on paper, they will need to know their national insurance number to apply.

The deadline to vote by post is Tuesday the 19th of April, the electoral registration office will need to have received this copy by the 5 pm that day.

Once someone has registered to vote, if their application is successful, then the electoral register will notify that person that they are permitted to vote through the post and they will provide a pack to do so.

That pack includes instructions on how to vote, a postal vote statement and a ballot paper.

The postal vote statement is there to confirm the constituent’s identity and votes are cast on the ballot paper which must be done in confidence.

To register to vote, you can find out more on: https://www.mygov.scot/register-to-vote-scotland

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