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Over 60’s can Register as Priorities during Water & Electrical Outages

PSR Scotland is the new initiatives from Scotland’s water and electrical distributors to prioritise the most vulnerable during an outage.

This acronym stands for Priority Services Register, meaning people who are over sixty, people with children under the age of five, are disabled or have a chronic illness.

Cath Marshall, from the Pitlochry Neighbourhood Watch, said: “Having no electricity or no water supply can be very difficult for most of us.

“And tat’s why   our electricity and water supply networks have joined forces to launch this service called priority service register.

“This allows them to provide extra help to those who need it during power cuts or if the water supply has to be interrupted.

“Now the service is free to those who have a disability or a chronic illness or who rely on electricity or water to use medical equipment.”

Customers are eligible to register if they: are deaf or hard of hearing, have a disability, live with children under five, are blind or partially sighted, have a chronic illness, are over 60, depend on electricity or water for home or medical care, or feel they may need additional support, even for a temporary period of time. 
A spokesperson for PSR Scotland added: “The new service will make it easier than ever to raise awareness of the additional support available nationwide, encouraging sign-ups from customers who may be eligible but are not yet registered for priority services.”
SSEN Distribution owns and operates the electricity infrastructure north of the central belt and SPEN is responsible for the electricity network in central and southern Scotland, while Scottish Water manages the nation’s water and waste water services. 
To learn more about the free help and support that is available in your area and check if you are eligible, visit the new PSR Scotland website on: PSRScotland.com 

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