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Paddleboard Clean Up of Loch Faskally Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Tuesday 5th of June 2022, a paddleboarding clean up event will be held at Loch Faskally by Planet Patrol and their local partner Beyond Adventure.

The clean-up will begin at 12pm and run until 2pm, with no experience needed, with paddleboarding basics taught before heading out on the water to collect the litter, and all equipment, such as paddleboards and life vest provided.

Once the litter has been collected it is logged on the Planet Patrol app by the volunteers. Over the last six years volunteers for Planet Patrol have gathered more than one million pieces of litter from around the world to build the biggest and most scientifically robust bank of evidence, to drive lasting change from the top down and bottom up.

Every piece of litter helps Planet Patrol build evidence to challenge, inform and help solve major environmental issues using facts.

To find more information about the Clean-up Event visit https://planetpatrol.co/clean-ups/paddleboarding-clean-up-loch-faskally-scotland/

There will be two more clean ups held on Loch Tay, one on the 9th of August and another on the 18th September.

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