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Pass Wide and Slow Coming to Pitlochry

LISTEN: Alisha Murray explains how her pass wide and slow ride will work

A local horse-riding enthusiast is looking to encourage drivers across Highland Perthshire to respect the roads and everyone else using them.

To do this, Alisha Murray, accompanied by riders, cyclists and walkers, is organising a pass wide and slow ride into Pitlochry.

She said: “So I’m hoping to organize a pass wide and slow awareness ride for horse riders, cyclists and walkers. This will be taking place on the 26th of September.

“We will be going from East Hawk and then up into Pitlochry and round Pitlochry and back down again, and it’s just to make drivers more aware of our presence being on the road.”

Across Highland Perthshire, a whole range of vehicles travel the roads connecting local towns and villages.

Some are travelling between home and work, others are out working and, in more usual times, people are touring the roads. They tend to be buses, vans, lorries, and farm vehicles.

Alisha explained: “I think some people don’t really know how to pass the safely on the roads.

“You know, sometimes they’ll pass a bit too quickly or there’ll be too close to the side of us. And obviously when you’re on the back of a horse, if they decide that they’re going to be scared of something or get fright, we can’t control what they’re going to do.”

So, when it comes to coming across a vulnerable road user, such as a rider, cyclist or walker, drivers should be cautious as they pass.

For drivers who needed a reminder, Alisha said: “ If you’re on the road and there’s room to be able to pass the horse, you should slow down to the maximum 15 miles an hour and give us at least two meters space.”

Anyone looking to join in can get in touch with Alisha on: alishaclark2000@hotmail.co.uk

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