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Perform in Perth Celebrates 100 Years with Virtual Festival

LISTEN: Eileen Waterson explains who Perfom Perth are and why this year is so special

Perform Perth is celebrating its centenary year in 2020-21 with a virtual festival so that performers can still exhibit their talents.

The Perthshire Musical (Competition) Festival has a full program of Scottish Country Dancing, Baton Twirling, Poetry, and music following submission of 466 entries.

Perform Perth Secretary, Eileen Waterson said: “This year we are a virtual festival and that has meant the performers sending in their performances which they have videoed at home.

“We’ve sent them to our adjudicators wherever they are in the world and the adjudicators have recorded themselves speaking as if to the performers or the audience.

The first week of the festival was broadcasted on the Perform Perth website. Three performances took place daily. The videos will remain available to view for a limited period.

The high standards of the festival have been maintained and Eileen added: “The first day was three full sessions of percussion competitions – absolutely fantastic standard. The adjudicators were absolutely blown away by the standards of playing.

Submitting to the festival is open to any age group. Eileen continued: “Folk can just come on and have a look and see what’s on offer.

“It’s open to any age.

“We had children as young as five years old and some of the performers were in their 80’s.

“That was absolutely fantastic. I’m not saying that they put the youngsters to shame but certainly they could hold their own.

“You really need to watch what these children have done and they’re not even allowed to be in a studio to perform. They’ve been doing it in their bedroom, in the garden, out in a parking lot. It’s just absolutely amazing what they’ve done because they’re so determined to produce a performance this year.

“We had an entry from one school which is a choir and they’ve done wizardry with technology and produced the choir for the children having been at home. It’s absolutely fantastic that they’ve done that.

“There’s such a broad range of things being showcased.

The festival was founded by the Duchess of Athol in 1920 and the first festival took place in 1921.

Eileen also paid tribute to the volunteers who make the festival possible.

“On an average year we have 40 to 50 volunteers across the two weeks.

“We also have a young ambassador scheme where youngsters who have taken part and know what the festival means to them tell other about it and perhaps come and volunteer at the festival themselves.”

More information on Perform Perth can be found on: https://www.perthshire-music-festival.org.uk/

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