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Perth and Kinross Carer Strategy Consultation Deadline Nears

Perth and Kinross council want to hear the views of unpaid carers across the region as part of the plans to refresh the Joint Carer Strategy which has been in place since 2019.

As the current strategy draws to a close, the council and the partners involved, PKAVS, the Perth and Kinross Health and Social Care Partnership and Perth and Kinross Carers Voice are refreshing the strategy to ensure it answers the needs of all the carers.

They council want to hear what unpaid carers think about the support that is in place, either informally or from the council or other providers. They also want to know what challenges and barriers have been experienced by unpaid carers while trying to get support and whether there is anything they would like the council to do to help.  

In the information about the consultation Perth and Kinross council said “We appreciate that unpaid carers play a vital, but often over-looked role in our communities. The Health and Social Care Partnership together with Education and Children’s Services are committed to improve the lives of carers to reduce the impact of caring on their health and wellbeing, and for young carers to be a child first and foremost.”

The Carers Act (Scotland) 2016 placed a duty on Local Authorities and Health Boards to have a local Carers Strategy in place identifying the needs of their local unpaid carers, and to prepare this by consulting local carers about the help they have and what more help they need. 

Anyone who provides support to someone because they are becoming old and frail, have a disability or long-term health condition, a mental health illness or are impacted by drug/alcohol use.

After the consultation closed, the responses will be analysed to see what types of support carers use most, what works for them and what they value and how the support provided can be improved.

The consultation is open until Wednesday 6th of July, and you can complete the consultation by visiting https://consult.pkc.gov.uk/hscp/carer-strategy-consultation-2022/consultation/

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