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Perth and Kinross Council CEO visits Pitlochry

Perth and Kinross Council Chief Executive Officer Thomas Glen and his senior officers were in Pitlochry on Tuesday meeting with members of the public including representatives from the Community Action Plan for an informal coffee and chat.

The meeting at the Atholl Centre was to listen to the community to gain an understanding of the challenges, priorities and achievements of the community and the action plan and open a dialogue for the council and community to work together in the future.

Speaking to Heartland FM after the meeting Thomas Glen said: ‘What we’ve been doing (…) is we’ve been meeting as a senior team in different towns across Perth and Kinross over the last couple of months and we will continue to do that.

‘Part of what we do, is ask the team to spend a bit of time out and about in the town and then we meet and do our normal business. Today we were looking at the corporate plan that we are drafting and we’re looking at transformation and those have been the kind of focus today and every time we meet there’ll be a different kind of focus.”

The meeting is part of a plan from Mr Glen and his officers to build a relationships and create structures in the council to be more visableand present in Pitlochry and towns across Perth and Kinross over the next couple of months.

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