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Perth and Kinross Council Issue Advice Ahead of Bin Strike Planned for Next Weekend

Perth and Kinross Council have issued advice to those living in the council area, ahead of planned strikes by member of the GMB trade union who will be undertaking industrial action from Friday 26th of August until Monday 29th of August.

The council are asking that residents put out their bins as normal, and if it has not collected within 48 hours of the scheduled collection date, residents should return their bin to their property and re-present it on the next scheduled collection date.

Perth and Kinross Council said via their official twitter account: “While we’ll do all we can to minimise disruption during these times there will undoubtedly be an impact on bin collections on these days.” 

The advice issued by PKC for the green and blue bins is:

  • For residual waste (green bins), the council will try to collect reasonable excess side waste on the next collection date. Alternatively, excess waste can be taken to Recycling Centres.
  • For Dry Mixed Recycling (blue bin) and Mixed Food & Garden (brown bin) residents should maximise the capacity of their recycling bins by filling them with the correct materials, except for food waste. Additional materials can be taken to recycling centres and points.

If garden and food waste has not been collected within 48 hours then food waste should be placed in your green bin until collections resume.

The council have said via their twitter account that they will continue to update residents and commercial customers through their social media channels and website.

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