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Perth and Kinross Council Launch Climate Action Engagement Survey

Community Groups in Highland Perthshire, engaging in climate action, are being encouraged by Perth and Kinross Council’s Climate Change team to complete their engagement survey as part of the council’s plans to tackle climate change.

The aim of the survey will be for the Council to understand what the individual communities need, and develop a programme based on the responses.

The Council aims to achieve net zero and low carbon resilience by 2045 in line with the Scottish Government’s target.

As part of their engagement programme, they want to establish regular meetings with the local community, to ensure that all voices are heard as they set out to achieve their targets.

By setting up regular meetings, the council hope that this will allow them to keep people up to date with the climate change action going on across the area.

With the meetings acting as a platform for the community groups, to share experiences and ideas, discuss funding and collaboration opportunities.

The council hope that the project will encourage others to get involved in their local communities to tackle climate change.

You can find the survey at https://consult.pkc.gov.uk/communities/climate-action-community-engagement-programme/

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