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Perth and Kinross Council Launch Survey Around Big Place Conversation Engagement

Residents in Perth and Kinross are being urged to make their voice heard over future development and land use in the area.

Throughout 2023, the Council will be undertaking an extensive engagement to inform decisions about the future of places people live, work and spend time in Perth and Kinross as part of a project called the Big Place Conversation.

Convener of Perth & Kinross Council’s Environment, Infrastructure and Economic Development Committee, Councillor Andrew Parrott said: “We want Perth and Kinross to go on being a great place for people to live in, work in and visit and we want Perth and Kinross to become a place that is ever more conscious of and committed to tackling the challenges of climate change. Consequently, we want our residents to play as full a part as possible in shaping that future development.

“The Big Place Conversation lets communities have their say on what future development in their areas could look like.

“The more people who get involved the better. Whether it’s by attending in person or taking part online, the Big Conversation will let everyone have their say and let everyone be heard.”

The Big Place Conversation is an opportunity for people to have their say on what the new Local Development Plan looks like.

This will look at towns, villages, neighbourhoods and rural communities and set out what housing is needed and where, as well as other land-based matters including connecting people to nature, transport and considering how out places need to respond to a changing climate.

The Big Place Conversation is about more than just the Local Development Plan. It will also directly support the forthcoming Mobility Strategy which looks at how to meet people’s needs for getting around, and links in with the Perth People Place project which is examining how sustainable methods of transport, such as cycling and walking, can be encouraged.

Throughout 2023 an online survey will be available for those who are unable to attend the in-person conversations or drop-in events. The Council will also be carrying out targeted conversations with organisations with particular needs or interests to make sure everyone has a say.

The conversation has begun in Perth with issues raised by local people including where parking and congestion are a concern, and providing shelter from extreme weather in play parks.

Until March 2023 the in person events will be happening in the Perth City area with the next one on the 11th of February focused on the neighbour hoods in Perth. The area conversations will follow the timeframe below giving every area a chance to talk about their communities and neighbourhoods.

Perth CityJanuary to March
Eastern PerthshireMarch to May
Strathearn and StrathallanApril to June
Kinross-shire, Almond & EarnMay to July
Highland and StrathtayJune to August

Anyone wishing to find out more about the Big Place Conversation should visit https://www.pkc.gov.uk/bigplaceconversation or check the Council’s social media pages.

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