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Perth and Kinross Council Receive Funding to Improve Timber Transport Routes

Wood Logs Bole Firewood  - anaterate / Pixabay

Perth and Kinross Council have received funding from the Scottish Forestry Strategic Timber Transport Scheme (STTS) to conduct road improvements on two roads this year including the C448 at Glen Lyon.

The STTS funds projects that enable the sustainable transport of timber across rural areas of Scotland with the current £713,528 building on the £3.3million that has previously been allocated to the council over the last five years.

Speaking on the award of this funding SNP Councillor Andrew Parrott, Convenor of Perth & Kinross Council’s Environment, Infrastructure and Economic Development Committee said: “We are grateful for the continued support of Stirling and Tayside Timber Transport Group in helping us access STTS funding for timber transport route improvements.

“Additional STTS funding over the last five years has enabled us to deliver these road improvements promptly. Without this extra financial support, we would have to phase individual improvement works over several years.

“We look forward to our continued partnership working with Scottish Forestry through the STTS fund which will enable us to facilitate timber transport on our roads network in a sustainable way.”

The works for the C448 at Glen Lyon will follow previous STTS funded embankment stabilisation work carried out in 2020 including the creation of 24 additional passing points, road strengthening, resurfacing works ad drainage improvements.

A timetable for the works has not been announced yet but the work will be carried out during the 2022/23 financial year, with a plan for the improvements including new passing places and widening a narrow section of the road.

The funding has also been welcomed by the Conservative party with Highland Ward Councillor John Duff saying: “I have often travelled this single-track road and it can be particularly challenging and stressful when you meet larger vehicles like timber lorries. These strategically placed passing places will reduce anxiety for drivers, particularly visitors, and lessen the need to reverse on this narrow winding road.

“Together with further improvements in road surfacing, strengthening and flood prevention, the complete project will be a significant improvement for Glen Lyon and I know it will be especially welcomed by residents and the local community council.”

Work will also be carried out on the A823 at Glen Devon, which will be conducted in partnership with the Clackmannanshire Council to resurface and do other ancillary work along a two-kilometre stretch of road.

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