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Perth and Kinross Council Release Budget Survey

Former PM Gordon Brown demands emergency budget before ‘financial timebomb’

People living in Perth and Kinross are being asked to give their opinion on how the council should be investing public money.

The pandemic has added to the significant and increasingly complex challenges that Perth and Kinross Council (PKC) face. As well as this, the equalities gap has widened and as a result the local economy has been hit hard. All of this means that difficult decisions must be made on where to spend public money and where funding can be cut back in some areas.

At the same time, PKC needs to continue with long-term planning to ensure that they are still preparing for the future. This includes:

  • Developing the infrastructure to support the aspirations of residents, businesses and visitors (be that investing in energy efficient new buildings or retrofitting existing ones to deliver ambitious carbon emissions targets)
  • Reshaping travel networks to support active travel options and alternative transport routes to reduce congestion
  • Unlocking our “in demand” business land
  • Creating new attractions for residents to use and to attract visitors to grow the local economy.

To help the council make these tough decisions, they’re asking for feedback on what is most important to you and the local community. PKC also want to know what you think of their priorities and where they should invest going forward.

The council would also like you to tell them where you would like to see the budget being spent, as well as where you would be willing to accept reductions to protect the services you would like to see being funded.

The answers that the council receive through this survey will help them to shape the Corporate Plan for the next five years. The answers will also inform the budget decisions facing councillors next year, when they will have to agree on a balanced budget for 2023/24 and beyond.

If you would rather share your views in person, PKC are running in-person events up until the end of the month across the council area.

To find out more about the in-person events, to learn about why your views matter when making these decisions, and to fill in the survey, visit:


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