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Perth and Kinross Festive Waste Update

Residents across Perth and Kinross are being reminded by the council that there will be no kerbside bin collection running or any recycling centres and public toilets open.

People who are scheduled to have their bins collected on 25 December and 1 January will have their bins emptied on 27 December and 3 January.

Again, bins which are planned to be emptied on 26 December and 2 January will have them emptied on 27 December and 3 January.

Mark Butterworth, Head of Environmental & Consumer Services says: “As ever, our refuse collection crews will continue to work throughout the festive period with the exception of Christmas Day and Boxing Day, as well as 1 and 2 January.

“Plans are in place to make sure we pick up bins on other days. We would continue to encourage everyone to consider ways to reduce waste.

“For example, this year, why not try some tasty recipes from the Love Food Hate Waste website: https://scotland.lovefoodhatewaste.com/, – just choose some of your leftover ingredients and explore how to make them into a new meal for Boxing Day.

“The website also has helpful advice about planning the food shop, portion sizes, use by dates and storage ideas.

“These help to save money and also help to reduce climate change – with less food waste disposed of.”

In addition, the council are also recommending that real Christmas trees can be chopped up and put into the compost bin, or even the brown bin if you have a garden waste permit.

But they have said, ‘neither real nor artificial Christmas trees will be lifted if left at the kerbside.’

Councillor Angus Forbes says: “With so many of us enjoying our gardens more than ever, consider keeping your old real Christmas Tree and using it to make wildlife shelters in your garden: either trim the smaller twigs to the same length and tie them into a bundle for hanging in hedging for bugs to hide in.

“Or chop the trunk and branches into pieces and stack them in small piles around the garden to create a small refuge for wildlife – it’ll be amazing how many different insects this will attract, and it will improve the ecosystem in your garden.”

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