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Perth and Kinross Local Area Commander Warns Residents Over Bank Transfer Fraud

Banks should up their game by improving online security features

In the latest edition of the weekly Local Area Commander’s Bulletin, those living in Highland Perthshire and across Perth and Kinross are being warned over the risks of Bank Transfer Fraud.

This type of crime is when the victim is called by someone claiming to be from their bank or the police and convinces them to transfer money to another third party account. The fraudster tends to claim the victims own bank account has been compromised in some way and that to ensure the safety of their own money they must transfer it to this other account.

The fraudster may use names of genuine bank employees or Police, which they have found from previous alerts about these types of fraud, and will always swear the victim to secrecy as part of the ‘ongoing investigation’ and may be told to come up with a false reason for transferring the money if questioned by bank staff, with some also being told the staff are untrustworthy in some way.

Over the last two years almost £400 million has been lost to Bank Transfer Fraud. Police Scotland want to make it clear that: “Nobody from your bank or the Police will ever contact you and request that you transfer money from your account or reveal personal/ financial information over the phone.”

Their advice is if you receive a call like this you should politely hand up, and if you feel a need to contact your bank then do so from a different phone as the fraudsters can continue to hold your phone line so that when you think you are calling your bank you are in fact still speaking to them.

Alternatively contact the Police, who would rather have an officer attend and prevent a potential crime than see a victim suffer from these criminals, advising that under no circumstances should money be transfer or any personal or financial information given over the phone.

Information and advice on Scams and Frauds can be found on the Police Scotland page at https://www.scotland.police.uk/advice-and-information/scams-and-frauds/

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