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Perth and Kinross Mental Health Festival Launches this Week

LISTEN: Roxanne Kerr explains how the festival works

“Life has ups and downs, and Lord knows its strange, that emotions felt, should cover such a range.

It is what it is, Moving on is the plan, No point in dwelling, On what ifs if you can.

Things may get sad, But joy will win through, Theres always hope, Please remember that’s true.”

Extract of a poem by Trauma Healing Together Trustee, Fiona Shepherd

The inaugural Perth & Kinross Mental Health Festival launches this week with the aim of promoting the discussion of mental health and providing options for support that suits each individual, particularly after the COVID 19 pandemic.

Organised by Trauma Healing Together, the Mental Health Festival brings together a range of support groups and charities for attendees

Founder of Trauma Healing Together and Project Manager, Roxanne Kerr, said:

“I had the idea a few months ago. People have been really struggling over the last 18 months due to COVID.

“The impact that COVID is going to have on peoples mental health not just now but in the ling term is going to be really significant.

“I believe that a lot of people are actually going to develop PTSD because in other pandemics such as SARS, I think 50% who were directly involved in it developed PTSD.

“As you can imagine, COVID has killed a lot more people and impacted the lives of a lot more people so I really was concerned that there will be an ongoing issue.

“Trauma healing together is all about supporting people through trauma.

“So I just had the idea that putting on a mental health wellbeing festival might just allow people to go along and see what kind of support is available.

“That’s why we partnered with other organisations to do it because it can be really difficult for people to access support.

Organisations attending the event are:

  • All Strong Scotland CIC – Fitness for better Mental Health
  • Andy’s Man Club – Peer support for men
  • Home Start Perth and Kinross – Family support service
  • Linda’s Ladies – Peer support group for ladies suffering with their mental health
  • Mindspace – Recovery college, counselling, Young peoples service and peer support
  • PKAVS – Enhacing lives and connecting communities
  • Plus Perth – Social Movement, member-led mental health charity
  • RASAC Perth & Kinross – Rape and sexual assault centre
  • Starting Step – learning hub
  • The Lighthouse for Perth – Suicide, self-harm and crisis support
  • The Stephen Lyon Organisation – suicide prevention
  • Trauma Healing Together – trauma support, counselling, training and research.
  • Vitality Me – Fitness services for mental health and wellbeing
  • Well Minds Listening – emotional and wellbeing support to children and young people
  • Womans Well-Being Club – Womens peer support group
  • Workplace Chaplaincy Scotland Perth – pastoral and spiritual support

Roxanne concluded:

“Don’t be ashamed if you go to a service and it doesn’t initially work for you. That’s okay, its about finding what’s right for you. I really hope that everyone who attends gets at least one thing from it.

“You might go to one organisations workshop and you might go ‘yeah, this is what I really need for ME’ but you’ll only know that if you try as many things as possible.

“I encourage people to try as many services or self-help resources that you can until you get something that works for you.

“The festival is really about humanising mental health – telling people that it’s okay to be struggling. Here’s the support that’s available and that you can access and to try and just minimise that fear of asking for support.”

For more information on Trauma Healing Together or to book your place in this weeks events, please visit their website at: https://www.traumahealingtogether.org/

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