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Perth and Kinross Moves into Tier 3 From Friday

LISTEN: John Swinney explains why Perth and Kinross entered tier 3 restrictions

From Friday, Perth and Kinross will join the 19 areas across Scotland which are under tier 3 Coronavirus restrictions.

These restrictions add significantly greater limits in the areas they are enforced by eliminating the serving of alcohol, stopping travel in and out of the area and narrowing the scope for activity.

To explain what is different from the current tier and the new tier 3 restrictions coming in, Heartland has taken it issue by issue.

Scottish Government Graphic Explains how every sector and activity is impacted

Socialising Rules

Under tier 2, people across Highland Perthshire are not allowed to meet in each other’s houses, but people can meet outdoors, in places such as restaurants and cafes, in groups of six between people from two households.

This will not change under tier 3, however, the places which people can visit, cafés, restaurants and pubs, will be.

Hospitality Rules

Under tier 2 restrictions, cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants could stay open until 10 pm but only allow last entry at 9 pm. Alcohol could be served with meals indoors, or by themselves outside, but this will change.

Now, under the new tier 3 restrictions, all hospitality will close at 6 pm and let the last customers in at 5 pm.

Now alcohol cannot be served, so pubs and bars can stay open but can only serve hot and cold drinks during the day.


Under the current tier 2 restrictions, people in Highland Perthshire cannot visit tier 3 areas, such as Glasgow or Edinburgh, but they could visit another tier 2 and lower areas.

This changes under the new rules where non-essential travel, leaving Perth and Kinross, is banned.

There are, however, exemptions, essential travel for work, health, education, shared parenting and transit through tier 3 areas is permitted.

Public Services

Under the tier 2 restrictions, public services can continue but with a reduced face to face service.

Now, with the new restrictions coming in place, only essential face-to-face services will be available, meaning as many services as possible will be available online.


Under the current restrictions, shopping is still permitted, and this will not change as Perth and Kinross move into tier 3.

Leisure and Entertainment

Under tier 2 restrictions cinemas, amusement arcades and bingo halls, are permitted to stay open.

Although, soft play, indoor bowling, casinos, night clubs and pool halls could not open with these restrictions.

Now, under tier 3 restrictions, none of these are permitted to be open.

Visitor Attractions

Under the current restrictions, visitor attractions are permitted to be open, and now, as of Friday, they may remain open, but with protective measures in place.


Because, under the tier 2 restrictions, tourists are permitted in these areas, hotels, B&B’s, self-catering and campsites can remain open.

But now that tourism is for local and essential use only in Perth and Kinross, this industry will be under tight restrictions.

While these businesses can remain open, the guidance advises that they only serve locals for non-essential services; whereas essential workers can continue to use their services.

Places of Worship

Under tier 2, places of worship may continue to congregate, but they are limited to a maximum number of fifty people in attendance.

With the tier 3 restrictions in place, this will not change.

Life events, Weddings and Funerals

Weddings, civil partnerships and funerals can continue to go ahead, but they are all restricted to 20 people each under tier 2.

This number will not change when the new restrictions come in force on Friday.

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