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Perth and Kinross Pupils Set to Wear Facemasks in Class

Photo Credit: Anna Shvets

LISTEN: Sheena Devlin explains why pupils will need to start wearing masks more indoors

Senior school pupils across Perth and Kinross will now need to wear masks during class as the level three restrictions start.

Now, secondary fours through to secondary sixes will have to wear their masks during class too.

Perth and Kinross’s Executive Director for Education, Sheena Devlin, said: “This makes it more important than ever, that we all continue to follow the guidance and associated restrictions.

“For our young people in secondary schools, it will now be mandatory for s4’s and s6’ pupils to wear coverings in class.”

Beforehand, pupils just needed to wear masks in communal spaces around the school, such as social areas and corridors.

An offer for the younger year groups to join the movement to wear masks in class, but they are not obligated to.

Mrs Devlin added: “We are disappointed that Perth and Kinross has been moved to level three in the strategic framework.

“I would like to take this opportunity to remind children and young people about wearing face coverings on dedicated school transport and on public transport to help protect themselves and everyone around them.

“It will be as a result of everyone playing their full part in following the guidance, that we will begin to see a drop in the prevalence of the virus.”

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