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Perth and Kinross Residents Urged to Complete the Census Coverage Survey

Households in Perth and Kinross are being encouraged to respond if they received an invitation to take part in the follow-up survey to the Scottish Census.

The follow-up survey called the Census Coverage Survey (CCS) is underway with a selected sample of households. Any household who may have been away or busy during the school holidays will receive a note encouraging them to get in touch with their local interviewer.

Speaking about the CCS, Pete Whitehouse, NRS Director of Statistical Services, said: “If your household is part of the census coverage survey an interviewer will have visited your home to leave an introduction letter and then returned to try to get you in to conduct a short questionnaire on the doorstep.

“If you’ve been away or busy during the summer holidays, you might have missed their visits. If you find a note or postcard asking you to get in touch, please respond. The survey only takes 10 minutes, and you can also answer the questionnaire over the phone by calling 0800 033 4010 and quoting your reference number. If the interview has missed, you on a number of occasions they will leave a paper form for you to fill in.

“It’s really important for those selected to take part on the census coverage survey, it’s an integral part of the census and will help ensure we have the most accurate population estimates possible are available to planners. This information is used to plan school places, healthcare services and a wide range of other public and charitable bodies.”

The CCS is a routine part of the modern census and helps organisers, National Records of Scotland, account for under, over or double counting in individual returns. It does this by doing short follow up surveys with 1.5.% of households and includes people who already filled in the main census.

Households who have not received any mail or visits can assume they are not part of the 1.5% of households being sampled in the CCS.

More information on the CCS can be found at https://www.scotlandscensus.gov.uk/taking-part-in-the-2022-census/census-coverage-survey-2022/

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