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Perth and Kinross to Benefit from Multi Million Pound Investment in Recycling


People living in Highland Perthshire will benefit from improvements made to the Perth City Centre recycling centre thanks to a £2.36 million investment from the Scottish Government’s Recycling Improvement Fund.

The fund will be used to raise the recycling rates, increase participation in kerbside collections, improve the quality of recycling and help the local authority achieve net zero. Starting in 2023, households in Perth and Kinross will also be given 2 new bins, which will allow residents to separate their recycling into paper/card and plastic/metal/carton bins. This will give the council the opportunity to increase the number of recyclable materials available for kerbside collection.

Circular Economy Minister, Lorna Slater, said: “Recycling has a huge role to play in Scotland’s response to the climate crisis.”

She went on to say: “In August 2023, we are introducing the UK’s first deposit return scheme for drinks containers, which will recycle nearly two billion bottles and cans every single year.

“And we have set out further proposals to increase reuse and recycling rates, and modernise waste and recycling services, in our live consultations on a Circular Economy Bill and a Waste Route Map.

“These actions will boost recycling and make a major contribution to the fight against the climate crisis.”

The investment is part of the Scottish Government’s plan to stop climate change. Improving recycling facilities is a key component in Scotland’s aim to remove 8,000 tonnes of Co2 every year, which is the equivalent of taking over 4,400 cars off the roads.

Environment, Infrastructure and Economic Development Convenor Councillor, Andrew Parrot said: “This is a significant award and both these projects aim to work in partnership with our residents to increase recycling participation and improve material quality.  It will  potentially allow us to recycle an even greater range of materials which is a service improvement our residents have requested

“Tackling climate change is one of this Council’s priorities and these new measures are an important step on our journey to net zero.

“We all have a part to play in addressing climate change and I am sure residents will recognise the benefits of these changes.”

15 local authorities have already benefitted from the investment with the total invested over the next 5 years set to be worth £50 million.

For further information on how the funding will be spent in Perth and Kinross visit: https://www.gov.scot/ or https://www.pkc.gov.uk/

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