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Perth Museum and Art Gallery Nominated for Conservation Award

Perth Museum and Art Gallery has been nominated for the International Institute for an esteemed award for their work in the conservation of artefacts.

Conservation in Action: Saving the Perth Mummy is the display which has won them the nomination for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Work Keck Award.

Anna Zwagerman, Conservation Officer at Culture Perth and Kinross said: “Conservation exhibitions are very rare, and live conservation treatments few and far between.”

This unique exhibit showcases conservation work in real time as experts carry out their meticulous work caring for the most delicate remnants of the past.

Guests enjoy a spectacle of handcraft, which would usually take place ‘behind closed doors’, in person.

Anna Zwagerman added: “It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a conservator to be involved in developing an exhibition that not only shows conservation in action, but also focuses on conservation as a vital part of the museum profession and I am glad that we are able to share this with our visitors.”

The award recognises the efforts conservationists ‘which have promoted public engagement and understanding of conservation’.

Previous winners include an Ironclad warship, blue whale skeleton and Roman statues made of marble.

Held every two years, the award comes with an exclusive prestige to the winner who receives a £2500 cash prize and certificate.

JP Reid, Exhibitions & Interpretation Officer at Culture Perth and Kinross said: “The exhibition’s aim was to create a space where visitors, could engage with a practice which so often, takes place ‘behind the scenes.’

“There are so many complex issues under consideration when treating, caring for, or displaying museum collections and we want to encourage an open conversation with our visitors about this.

“We are really delighted that this project has been nominated and is being considered alongside such impressive international conservation programmes.”

While the Mummy, Ta-Kr-Hb, is waiting to be displayed after ventilation works are made, in order to accommodate for air circulation as part of COVID-19 guidelines, to help preserve the sensitive nature of the Mummy, the display continues until March 15, 2021.

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